Accommodation Options on Your Holy Land Trip

Since my goal is to get you over to Israel, it might be a good idea if I go through some of the accommodation options available on your trip to Israel. Basically, you have the following three options:

* Hotel

* Guest House (Bed & Breakfast)

* Hostel (& Budget accommodation)

Hotels in Israel Israel has some mighty fine hotels these days, and caters for all tastes and budgets. I won’t be recommending any particular hotel, but after some extensive research (unfortunately that research hasn’t meant sleeping in some of Israel’s tastiest hotels…though we have managed to grab a night or two in some of them over the years) I’ve come to the conclusion that a hotel review site such as will probably provide you with some of the best Israel hotel deals out there on the Web.

Israel does have the usual international big players, so if you’re used to that level of hotel, I’d say stick with it. What could be more of a risk, but an interesting risk, is a stay at one of the boutique hotels that have recently been popping up throughout Israel, especially in Tel Aviv. Google and enjoy!

Guest Houses in Israel Israel has a number of great guest houses, some of which you can find on a kibbutz, most however, are privately owned. These bed and breakfast type places can be found all over the country, but in the North are particularly popular for Israelis looking for a short weekend break. Prices can range from 250 shekels per night for something very basic, to 1000 shekels plus per night for a bit of luxury. These guest house/B&B places are often known by the name Zimmer.

Our own personal recommendations for guest houses are to visit the north, and in particular to check out the moshavs Amirim and Had Ness. You also can’t go wrong in Rosh Pina, a small town with amazing views over the Galilee.

Hostels in Israel Israel also has some great budget accommodation, ranging from dorm beds in Christian youth hostels, to private rooms in hostels just a step away from the beaches of Tel Aviv. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing hostel life, and, in the right place, it can take your trip to another level. You get to meet up with other travellers from all over the world, people often looking for the same experiences and fun.

One hostel we know from our (very) early days in Israel and that we can heartily recommend for that backpack/traveller experience: the Old Jaffa Hostel in Tel Aviv/Jaffa. Unique atmosphere and still charming, by all accounts.