Luxury Hotels In Kolkata – Redefining Hospitality

Kolkata, “City of Joy”, is one of the four major metros in India and also the erstwhile capital of the country. The city is presently the capital of Bengal and the most important business and economical hub in eastern and northeastern India. Apart from business and corporate visitors, who visit Kolkata on a regular basis, Kolkata – with its still very much prominent colonial appearance and superlative cultural heritage also attract a great number of heritage and cultural tourists from all over the world.

Bengal, stretching from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal is a state with extraordinary natural beauty and along with the numerous tourist attractions scattered all over the state Kolkata also acts as the gateway to the North Eastern states like Assam, Tripura, Manipur or Arunachal Pradesh and is a must visit place for tourists en route to these destinations. Compared to other cities of its category accommodation in Kolkata is less expensive and the luxury hotels in Kolkata are especially preferred by tourists for their state of the art living conditions and exceptional hospitality.

Until a decade ago, available options for accommodation near Kolkata international airport was limited for most of the 5 stars and luxurious hotels in the city were located at the heart of the city and around it. But for increasing demand and with government patronization, a number of star rated luxury hotels near Kolkata airport has already come up and are especially popular among frequent flyers to and from the city. As the Kolkata international airport is located on the northern outskirts of the city, and well connected with most other parts of Kolkata with strategically constructed roads tourists can travel to the popular tourists’ destinations in the city in minimum time.

Most of the business hotels in Kolkata are located near Kolkata airport and in order to felicitate their business and corporate guests, many of them offer facilities like seminar and meeting rooms, banquet halls and party spaces. Over a period of time luxury hotels in Kolkata have created a unique identity for themselves in the hospitality industry in the country furnishing state of the art facilities and world class amenities to their valued guests. In the luxury hotels of Kolkata commerce and culture effortlessly coalesce against the colonial backdrop of the city and with their culinary heritage and range of other facilities and amenities Kolkata hotels can certainly satisfy every single tourist visiting the city.

Most hotels near Kolkata airport are strategically located close to the major shopping and entertainment hubs of the city and as transport to different parts of the city is also easily available they are the perennial favorite among tourists visiting the city.

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